Commercial Fencing

Miller Fence is a premier provider of commercial fencing products, offering a wide range of top-quality solutions to meet every business’s needs. From sturdy fences designed to enhance security and privacy to elegant ornamental options that add a touch of sophistication, their diverse product line ensures a perfect fit for any commercial property. With an array of accompanying gates, access control systems, and other accessories, Miller Fence provides a comprehensive package for businesses seeking reliable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing fencing solutions.

When it comes to commercial fencing, Miller Fence stands out with their exceptional range of products and unparalleled craftsmanship. They offer an extensive selection of fences and gates, tailored to suit diverse applications such as warehouses, industrial facilities, retail spaces, and more. Whether clients require heavy-duty chain-link fences for maximum security or stylish aluminum fences for a professional appeal, Miller Fence has it all. Their commitment to quality is reflected in every product, ensuring that businesses can rely on their durable and attractive fencing solutions to enhance both functionality and aesthetics.

Echelon Plus

Echelon Plus

Ornamental Aluminum Fence

Echelon Plus has taken the quality and performance of aluminum ornamental fencing to a higher level. The strength characteristics of the reinforced rail and posts, coupled with a superior powder coat finish, make Echelon Plus the most durable .75″ ornamental picket product on the market.

Echelong II

Echelon II

Industrial Ornamental Aluminum Fence

Echelon II’s superior strength and durability is a result of combining top quality design components with a maintenance-free, architectural grade finish. This revolutionary fence system is comprised of aluminum posts, panels, and mounting brackets that are easily installed along any terrain.

Montage Plus

Montage Plus

Ornamental Steel Fence

Montage Plus ornamental steel fence has the versatility to fit many different project applications. With its ability to traverse varying grades, variety of distinct product styles and unmatched coating performance, Montage Plus is the preferred choice for ornamental fence.

Montage II

Industrial Ornamental Steel Fence

Built for strength yet a penchant for beauty, Montage II is an industrial weight steel fence that delivers on both levels. Superior welding techniques create a profile that lends itself to landscaping design while maintaining a level of perimeter security that is unmatched.

Montage Commercial

Montage Commercial

Commercial Ornamental Steel Fence

Montage Commercial steel fences have redefined the commercial fence industry with strength that matches the level of security demanded. Montage Commercial ornamental fences are the standard for security fencing.

Montage Industrial

Montage Industrial

Light Industrial Ornamental Steel Fence

Montage Industrial ornamental is a lighter alternative to the heavy industrial fencing used for specified projects. It carries the same robust look and superior coating as its specified counterpart yet is constructed with lighter materials for an economic advantage.

Wire Works Plus

Wire Works Plus

Commercial Welded Wire Steel Fence

The WireWorks Plus fence system is the new standard in welded wire fencing. With this product, Ameristar has a fence solution that will reduce dependency on chain link. WireWorks Plus provides unobstructed visibility, aesthetics, and security while delivering a value added fencing solution.

Agricultural Fencing Solutions

Master Halco Agricultural

Agricultural Wire Fencing

Since 1961, Master Halco has been North America’s leading manufacturer and wholesale distributor of perimeter security and fencing. Our full line of products includes agricultural, vinyl, wood ornamental and chain link fences and gates for residential, commercial, industrial and high security applications.

SurTrac Aluminum Cantilever Gate Systems

SurTrac Aluminum Cantilever Gate System

Slide Gates & Swing Gates

Aluminum and steel frame swing or slide gates, panels and hardware are available with rapid turnaround times and competitive prices for residential, commercial, industrial, and high security applications.

Ornamental Iron Gates

Ornamental Iron Gates

Iron World Gates

Iron World offers a variety of gates including swing and slide gates. Iron World manufactures gates in all styles with various accessories and picket tops.

Slide Gate Brochure

Iron World Slide Gates

Golden Gate – Residential, Commercial & Industrial Slide Gates

Slide Gates are available in aluminum chain link slider or ornamental powder coated slider. Features include a closed track system with lubricated eight bearing rollers to protect from the elements and guarantee smooth opening and closing.

Commercial Gate Operators

Automatic Gate Openers

Contact Miller Fence for more details on the various LiftMaster commercial gate operators including: Swing, Slide, Barrier, and Heavy Duty Gate Operators.

Barrier Pipe Gates

Contact Miller Fence for more details.

Access Control Systems

Dependable Access Whenever You Need It! Get a completely integrated solution that keeps your community/business safe, secure and running at maximum efficiency with a variety of advanced safety and convenience features. Products include: Smart Access Controls, Keypad Access Systems, Receiver Systems, RFID/Card Readers, and Remotes.

Vinyl Dumpster Enclosure

Dumpster Enclosures

Miller Fence specializes in crafting custom dumpster enclosures tailored to meet specific needs. With meticulous attention to detail and high-quality materials, their enclosures provide optimal security and aesthetics for any commercial or residential setting. From sturdy construction to customizable designs, Miller Fence ensures that their dumpster enclosures not only serve their practical purpose but also enhance the overall visual appeal of the surrounding area.

MH Temporary Panel Brochure

Temporary Fence Panels

As a leading supplier of fence solutions, Master Halco is dedicated to providing a broad range of products that support your business and help drive success. Master Halco Temp Panels are constructed to the highest quality, which ensures more rentals per panel and higher revenues for you.

Temporary Fence Weight

Hi-vis ballast weight for temporary fencing. The alternative to sandbags, which does not decompose or leave debris on site. Unlike sandbags, the temporary fence weight is durable and reusable, time and time again.

OxStand Temporary Fencing

OxStand Temporary Fencing

The OxStand is an alternative to the metal tube stand, commonly used with temporary metal fencing at events and on construction sites. Easy to stack, store, and transport, reducing costs. Carry multiple OxStand with handholds.

OxBlock Temporary Fencing

OxBlock Temporary Fencing

This heavy base forms a stable base for metal and plastic temporary fencing. The OxBlock is an alternative to concrete blocks, made from a tough thermoplastic compound that is shock resistant.

Milled Guardrail Products

Milled Guardrail Products

A variety of guardrail posts pre-milled to meet State and Federal Highway specifications. Featuring custom milling to architectural specs for commercial projects and Parks & Recreational Areas, including Bike paths and parking lots, etc.

American Timber and Steel Guard Rails

Offering a variety of guard rail products: wood guardrail posts and block, steel guardrail components, used guardrail products, and powder coasted guardrails.


BallFabrics Windscreens

Ball Fabrics offers a carefully selected complete line of quality athletic and tennis windscreen, privacy fence screen, athletic netting and padding, and infield accessories including batting cages and batters eye. Miller Fence collaborates with Ball Fabrics’ internal printing department to incorporate logos and graphics onto windscreen, padding, and banners, catering to both long-term installations and special occasions.

Bulwark Bollards

Bulwark Bollards

By integrating cutting-edge manufacturing design technologies, BULWARK® Security Bollards seamlessly blend easy installation with unparalleled anti-ram capabilities. Their advanced approach ensures the highest level of protection, meeting and exceeding your expectations while delivering the utmost strength and security.


Safety Bollards

Our line of Safety Bollards provides a reliable and protective solution for safeguarding dumpsters as well as enhancing security in front of schools, banks, and various other establishments. These sturdy and strategically placed bollards offer an effective barrier against potential risks while ensuring the safety of surrounding areas.

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