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Monumental Iron Works

Monumental Iron Works® is a complete system, made up of pre-assembled panels and accessories, which are designed to support each other. When completely assembled, these parts create the strongest and most durable ornamental fence on the market. Using industrial strength rivets, the constructed panels have the solid look and feel of authentic ornamental iron. All Monumental Iron Works® steel components are galvanized and then powder-coated for corrosion protection, durability, and is aesthetically appeasing for years to come. A 10-year Limited Warranty reinforces your peace of mind in knowing you’ve purchased the finest ornamental fence on the market.

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Download the borchure for full details on all of the Monumental Iron Works products by Master Halco we offer including specifications, configurations and more.

Imperial Style

Imperial Style Panels

The design of our Imperial style is based on traditional iron picket fences dating back to 1892. Long accepted as an outstanding value because of their quality construction, durability, numerous options and affordable pricing, Imperial fences and gates by Monumental Iron Works® provide an exceptional ornamental picket fence system where elegant simplicity is desired. The Imperial style is an ideal choice where a combination of strength and classic appearance is desired.

Imperial Style Gates

Imperial Style Gates

Monumental Iron Works® Imperial gates add that perfect touch to any Imperial style fence system. Our selection of gate configurations makes it easy to select a distinctive entryway for each project. Contact us today for more information.

Estate Style Panels

Monumental Iron Works® Estate style with a variety of top picket treatments are reminiscent of very early English and European ironwork. Good looking and long lasting, these styles will enhance the beauty and value of any property. Every Monumental Iron Works® fence provides lasting beauty and performance. All components are engineered for strength, security and maintenance free ownership.

Estate Style Gates

Every Monumental Iron Works® Estate style fence has multiple gate selections to choose from. The top picket design is carried through to straight and arch gate configurations. Enhancing the beauty, maintenance free ownership, and value of any property has never been easier.

Fortifier B

Fortifier B

When security is your main concern, the Fortifier style of Monumental Iron Works® is the best choice. With top pickets angled to prevent intrusion, Fortifier discourages entry, yet maintains the classic ironwork appearance. Fortifier is available with popular rail and picket configurations found in the Imperial or Estate styles of Monumental Iron Works.

Montage Residential Ornamental Steel Fence

Our Montage line of ornamental fences is the leader in residential steel fencing. The styles available with the Montage give a residence the elegant look of wrought-iron fencing without the expensive maintenance demanded by traditional wrought-iron. Montage ornamental steel fences are popular with developers for its maintenance free coating and durable steel construction. Many prefer Montage ornamental steel fence over aluminum fencing for the additional strength that a welded steel fence has compared to aluminum fences.

Montage decorative fencing has an E-coat maintenance-free finish and a 20 year warranty. The welded metal fence panel of the Montage has the ability to follow the steepest of grades, that is, to be installed along a slope without unsightly “stair stepping” of the fence panels. That’s because of the unique rail design. All fences in the Montage family of products have the ability to traverse 48” over an 8’ span. All of these features and more is what makes the Montage family by Ameristar the leader in steel fencing.

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Download the borchure for full details on all of the Montage Residential Ornamental Fence products by Ameristar we offer including specifications, colors and more.



This through picket style with a pressed spear adorning the top provides the classic look, by which it gets its name. Classic is one of the most popular styles, timeless in its design. Classic is available in 2 or 3 rails, with either standard bottom or flush bottom rail.


Majestic style presents a smooth top rail ideally suited for a wide variety of applications. This popular style, simplistic in its design, is perfect for a wide variety of applications, including swimming pools. Majestic is available in 2 or 3 rail selections with or without a flush bottom rail.


Genesis is a squared top, through picket style which provides a traditional look of wrought iron fences. For a more customized look, Genesis is the perfect choice as decorative finials, rings and butterfly scrolls can be added. Genesis is available with 2 or 3 rails and the choice of standard or flush bottom rail.


Like our Classic style, Warrior is a through picket style with a pressed spear adorning each picket top. Warrior’s picket tops, however, alternate in height providing a unique look across the panel not seen with many ornamental fences. Two or three rail options are available along with adornments such as rings and it even comes with a flush bottom option.



Our Crescent style is a unique-look option with pressed-spear pickets and arched steel loops. Four or three rail options are available with a flush bottom option.