EverNew Railing, Porch & Decking

Evernew Vinyl Railings

EverNew® railing products are designed to maintain their integrity over time. Products made of wood may meet code when they’re brand new, but can weaken over time — especially after prolonged exposure to the elements. This is an important concern if you’re installing railing as a safety barrier on balconies and stairs.

EverNew ensures long-lasting performance by building security into every railing system. Our railing features heavy-duty construction for enduring strength. When it comes to rail-to-post connections, simply using plastic brackets isn’t enough. EverNew offers concealed corrosionresistant stainless steel brackets on our composite railing, and aluminum brackets concealed with molded vinyl covers on our vinyl railing, for critical protection from the elements.

Westbury Aluminum Railing

Westbury® Aluminum Railing

You cherish your home and embrace your family and friends. You work hard to create a place where you can spend quality time enjoying your life’s journey.

Westbury® Aluminum Railing adds a level of beauty, distinction, and lasting value to your home.

  • By selecting the color that fits your home, you are adding beauty.
  • By selecting the design that fits your lifestyle, you are adding distinction.
  • By selecting one of our virtually.

Wrought Iron Railings

Miller Fence offers railings of all kinds, gates, window guards, furniture, sconces, and other specialty items from Colonial Iron Works. For more information on our wrought iron railing products and services, please contact us.

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